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Leftover Ham Bone & Split Pea Soup

Updated: Oct 17, 2021


“DON’T THROW OUT THE HAM BONE”! Words I’ve heard over and over growing up, mostly from mom. And she was right! The “leftover bone” contributes delicious rich flavor and is the main star of this soup.

My mom has instilled in me not to waste food, and to use as much of the “animal” or “parts” as possible. It is truly amazing what “we” end up throwing in the trash, or in our case in the food recycle bin.

Most of this wasted food, especially chicken bones, beef bones, and ham bones, contribute amazing flavours and richness to your soups, stocks and broths. Instead of throwing them out, put them in a freezer bag or vacuum sealed bag and freeze. You can pull them out whenever you need them.


Ham with a sweet glaze is a traditional dish in our family, mostly around the Christmas holidays. We tend to cook a turkey one year, and alternate with a ham the next year. It seems we are doing both now - hmmmm! Lots of leftovers!

I was going to attempt to “blog” the smoked ham (with my sweet orange marmalade glaze) I cooked last month, but I just didn’t have the time photograph with so much going on that day. I did manage to take a couple of quick photos (see below). Writing this post, I’m feeling the urge to cook another ham in the next coupe of weeks, and blog this smoky sweet dish. HAPPY FAMILY! Stay tuned my social media friends.


There is nothing like buying fresh from your local butcher. The butcher likely knows the history/details of the meat (e.g. where the meat is from, how it’s been cured). For this recipe I purchased a smoked ham with bone-in and skin on. Note, keeping the bone in helps retain moisture in the ham while cooking. Cooking with the skin on helps prevent the meat from drying out.


Originally published Jan. 11, 2018. Recipe updates including a new and improved recipe format! Cook Well! Eat Well!

Note, this blog post or links may contains affiliate links. I may receive a small percentage of the sale of any products sold linked from my blog post, at no cost to you. These funds help support the on-going maintenance of this blog web-site and recipe development.

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