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About The Kitchen Tool

Welcome to Cook And Renovate.  A blog about promoting healthy cooking and healthy food choices, cooking tips and techniques, temperature control, and food safety.


Although throughout this blog I 'm known as The Kitchen Tool, my "real" name is Todd.  It's great to meet you!  I hope you enjoy my blog and recipes!


Why would a guy who runs his own company, feeds a family of 7 on a regular basis, and has several side projects, start a food blog?  Often people who know me ask where do I get the time to do the above, and work on a food blog, social media, etc....

It all started like this.  Years ago I realized I have a pretty severe intolerance to gluten.  Several other foods, ingredients, and preservatives also affect me.  It is great to see the food industry offer more and more "gf" friendly products and healthier choices overall.  That being said, it was and is still difficult to "go on the road" and stumble across foods that "agree with me".

I have this undeniable passion for cooking, eating healthy and learning new techniques.  My mom is an amazing cook, which I know is where I get my cooking passion from.  We speak on the phone roughly 3 times a week (my parents live about 2000 kilometers away) and one of the first things we talk about is "what did you cook for dinner and how did you make it?".  At 85 years old, she still amazes me with her cooking and skills.  She is special!


That being said, a few years ago I started to cook my own stocks, sauces, etc. with healthy ingredients, including focusing on locally grown foods and locally raised meats.  The meats I try to source are free range and antibiotic free.


Long story kinda short, I started to document my recipes, sharing them with friends and family.  I researched this thing called "blogging" and kicked it off a couple of years ago.   I was hooked.


I just love this journey I'm on.  I'm passionate about cooking, healthy foods, photography, cooking techniques, temperature control, etc.  Stay tuned!  I can't wait to see where this journey leads.  

I hope you enjoy my recipes and blog posts.  Cook Healthy!  Eat Healthy!

Love, The Kitchen Tool

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