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Euphoric Hot and Sour Soup

original post 2017/01/24 - updated to reflect new ingredients and format

I LOVE HOT AND SOUR SOUP! There, I said it! lol! I’ve been making this soup for about 20 years! Always adding, changing and modifying ingredients and quantities.

When I worked in downtown Toronto years ago, we (my self and like minded co-workers) would frequent a “hole-in-the-wall” Asian restaurant that served THE BEST Hot and Sour Soup! After years of trying to imitate their recipe, the secret ingredient was finally discovered (to me at least). White Pepper! Yup - White Pepper! The missing ingredient!

I was hooked and on a mission (and still am!) to perfect this spicy and tart soup. TIP: Don’t add too much white pepper as it can be overpowering to some people! Add a little, taste, and adjust your seasoning accordingly. You can always add more to your bowl (which I do)!

Add the rice vinegar and white pepper near the end of the cooking process (see recipe) as they will loose their flavour and intensity as they "cook out".

This recipe highlights the key ingredients for the standard Hot and Sour Soup. Add and change ingredients, like the type of mushrooms (oyster mushrooms are great too), bamboo shoots, etc. You can’t go wrong with this versatile soup.

I use my homemade chicken broth that I make from free range, antibiotic free chickens. Healthy and delicious, and low salt!

I like to use pork tenderloin in soups. Slice thinly and cut across the grain for a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Why EUPHORIC, you may ask! Euphoric: intense excitement and happiness! Which is how I feel when I make, share and eat this bowl of delish!

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