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Mom's Bottled Carrots! In Their Own Juice!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

"Bottling", also known as Canning, is an efficient and delicious way to preserve carrots in their own juices! If you have an abundance of carrots, perhaps bought them in bulk on sale, or recently harvested your veggie garden, bottling them will help ensure carrots for months. The carrots are cooked, so a quick addition to any meal. Try them with our Cast Iron Roasted Chicken with Garlic and Herbs, or Bistecca Alla Florentine. You can quickly heat them up on the stovetop or in the microwave. YUM!

I'm on a mission to document my mom's tried and true techniques and recipes. I have to tell you this is not an easy task. She is fast and 99.99% of the details are in her head! There's a lot of "a bit of this and a dash of that" going on. But, I will succeed!

A little side note, mom is almost 88 years young as I write this blog post. She is a firecracker, she's energetic, and she knits like no other! Perhaps this explains why I'm hyper and "can't sit still"... hmmmm....

This is the 1st of many blog posts featuring Mom's techniques and recipes. I will do my best to honour our family traditions and meals. I'm very excited to take on this "challenge". This blog post represents me purely documenting her way of bottling carrots.

Canning vs Bottling you may ask? I'm calling this post Bottled Carrots, well, simply because that's what she calls it.

The recipe below outlines the ingredients, tools and steps. I've also included photos of the steps below. Feel free to follow along with the recipe, referencing the photos.

Cook Well! Eat Well!

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