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Rimmer Seasoning 4.0 (aka Seasoning for Anything!)

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Caesar Seasoning 4.0? Why 4.0 you may say to yourself, as you are preparing your yummy Caesar? Well, I've been adjusting and revising this recipe over the past couple of years and have finalized what I feel is the perfect seasoning mix.

This new version includes Coriander seeds. Coriander seeds infuse hints of orange and lemon peel, and sage. The flavours brighten up the seasoning mix and brings a whole new dimension to the dish, or drink, that you are using the seasoning with.

In fact, this seasoning is SOOOOO GOOD, I pretty much put it on and in everything (aka Seasoning for Anything). It's amazing with shrimp, chicken, steaks - just to name a few! Add a tablespoon of pure cane sugar to roughly 1/3rd cup of seasoning - you have a perfect rub for your pork ribs (stay tuned for a blog post on this one soon!).

You can check out my original version of "Homemade Rimmer" here! A variation of this version, and delicious as well!

My infatuation with this seasoning simply started with my love of "Caesars". You know, Sunday Caesars! It has now evolved into one of my favourite seasonings. I hope you enjoy it as well. Fee free to adjust and add. I would love to hear what you do to your version!

Click here to save or print the Recipe! Cook Well! Eat Well!

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